Roch Gate Motel site receives permission for 14 homes

On Sept 8th, the National Park Planning Authority awarded Humbergrange Ltd., a private developer, conditional approval for housing on the Roch Gate Motel site. 

Permission was given for six 1-bed flats, four 1-bed bungalows and four 4-bed houses.
According to the Park Planning Authority, all 14 homes must be made available for rent at affordable rates, and remain affordable in perpetuity. This means a Registered Social Landlord (like ateb or the Council) must come to own the properties.
Houses will be allocated according to County Council guidelines, which currently include a requirement that local people or those with significant local connections will have priority, with just one month from the time of advertising to apply. After that month, homes not allocated to locals will be made available to those living in increasingly wider parts of Pembrokeshire.
Nolton & Roch Community Land Trust submitted two responses to the planning application, the first of which can be viewed here