Development at Roch Gate Motel Site

Some of you may have noticed that the privately owned land on which Roch Gate Motel stood is being considered for planning permission to house 18, 2 bed properties.

We think it’s important for you to note that this development is NOT linked to the work that Nolton & Roch CLT is doing and IF this development was to proceed, we wouldn’t have any control over who purchases these properties.

As we have stated in our Housing Needs Survey, it’s vital that we establish the actual need for the type and size of housing required locally before progressing to develop housing with an appropriate partner.

The results of our survey received to date are already telling us that 2 bed properties aren’t the ideal requirement for families who want to live locally and this is why IT IS CRUCIAL that you feedback to us (via the Housing Needs Survey) so we can help support your needs as best we can.

Complete the survey here:

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